Term Certain Annuities

Term Certain annuities provide a guaranteed and regular income for a pre-determined period of time;
after this period, the annuity contract ends.

What are Term Certain Annuities?

You can build your retirement around a reliable income plan that is guaranteed to never fluctuate for the life of the chosen term. Reliability is a big factor of Term Certain Annuities, meaning you can always rest assured that you will get your income payments on time so you can truly enjoy retired life.

The low cost of Term Certain annuities coupled with fixed payments makes Term Certain a product that’s easy to budget for and simple to understand. Also, these plans are perfect for those who are planning to retire early. If you need income before your benefits take effect, a Term Certain Annuity can be the perfect income supplement for you.

Key benefits of Term Certain Annuities

  • Reliable and Guaranteed Source of Income.
  • Affordable investment option.
  • All benefits are paid to your chosen beneficiary should you pass away before the end of the term.

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