Manulife offers a variety of prestigious annuity options to help effectively plan for your retirement. With an annuity from Manulife, you don't have to worry about outliving your savings during your golden years. Manulife's affordable and secure annuities will provide you with guaranteed and reliable income so you and your family can enjoy a worry-free life after working.

Manulife Life Annuity

  • Provides a guaranteed income for life.
  • May be purchased individually or as a joint-survivor annuity.
  • Guarantee periods may be purchased up to 30 years, protecting your annuity funds.

Term Certain Annuity

  • Provides between 3 to 30 years of guaranteed payments with a higher income than other forms of annuities.
  • Optional automatic payment increases can help offset the effects of inflation over the length of your term.

Manulife Principal Protected Annuity

  • Provides a lump sum refund of remaining annuity funds to your beneficiary if you die before your contract is complete.

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