Let's talk about ivari. For the past 80 years, ivari has been providing a full range of personal financial products created to help Canadians make the right choice for their protection needs.

Together with a national network of thousands of independent advisors, ivari is committed to always being approachable and transparent in everything they do. Let's start a fresh, new conversation about annuities.

Ivari offers the following annuity products:

  • Single Life Annuity – An annuity that provides you with an income for life. A guarantee period on payments is also available.

  • Joint and Survivor Life Annuity – Provides dual annuity payments to you and your spouse, terminating on death. They may be purchased with a guarantee to transfer payments to the surviving spouse.

  • Term Certain Annuity – Provides a set, fixed income for a pre-agreed length of time.

We work directly with Ivari and are able offer all their latest annuity products.

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