Industrial Alliance's annuities provide you with a simple way of ensuring that you receive reliable and fixed income for the life of your retirement. With Industrial Alliance, you get choice in your type of annuity, all of which guarantee that you don't have to worry about outliving your savings. Also, the FORLIFE series annuity allows you to have the added benefit of an investment option, so you can grow your money in income funds.

Industrial Alliance Life Annuity

  • An annuity plan that provides you with guaranteed income for life.

Industrial Alliance Certain Annuity

  • The Certain Annuity plan provides you with income payments for a set period of time.

Industrial Alliance FORLIFE Series

  • An annuity plan that guarantees you income for life while also offering an investment option that generates interest under your plan.

By working directly with Industrial Alliance

We are able to provide you with a variety of annuity plans that will make your retirement more comfortable. Life after work is to be enjoyed, so take the first step to ensuring you have the income to support your ideal retirement. Apply now for a free, no obligation quote!