Give yourself a worry-free financial future with Equitable Life's guaranteed income annuity plans. Retirement planning can be difficult and it can leave you with the worry that you will outlive your savings. Equitable Life's annuities will give you the income you need regardless of what happens to the markets or interest rates. An annuity plan will give you piece of mind and allow you to enjoy your retirement years with steady income you can count on.

Equitable Life Annuity Life

  • Provides you with a guaranteed income for life;
  • Upon death, your beneficiary will receive your income payments or a cash lump sum;

Equitable Life Term Certain

  • A plan that provides you with guaranteed income payments for a specific period of time ranging from 5 to 30 years;
  • The option of term certain to age 90 is also available as a term plan;

Equitable Life Joint Life Annuity

  • An annuity plan that provides you and your spouse with guaranteed income payments for life;
  • Upon death of the first spouse, the survivor will continue to receive guaranteed income;

By working directly with Equitable Life

We are able to provide you with a variety of annuity plans that will make your retirement more comfortable. Life after work is to be enjoyed, so take the first step to ensuring you have the income to support your ideal retirement. Apply now for a free, no obligation quote!