With an annuity from Empire Life, you'll be getting an affordable and safe way to have guaranteed income for your retirement. Empire Life's annuities offer you reliable and structured income payments during your retirement years so you can get the financial stability you desire. With the large variety of customizable annuity plans available, Empire Life assures that there is a policy to fit any need, circumstance, or budget.

Empire Life Guaranteed Annuity

  • Offers you a guaranteed income for the duration of your life;
  • Payments only end upon your death;

Empire Life Term Certain Annuity

  • Provides a guaranteed income for a certain period of time;
  • Term plans come in a 10-year term up until age 90;
  • If you pass before the term ends, the plan pays the remaining income to your named beneficiary;

Empire Life Joint and Last Survivor Annuities

  • Provide you with guaranteed income for life. When one of you passes, the other continues to receive payment;
  • If you both pass before the end of the guaranteed period, the plan will pay the income to your named beneficiary;

By working directly with Empire Life

We are able to provide you with a variety of annuity plans that will make your retirement more comfortable. Life after work is to be enjoyed, so take the first step to ensuring you have the income to support your ideal retirement. Apply now for a free, no obligation quote!