When you apply through Instant Annuity, you can set up your Annuity plan from the comfort of your own home. Once you've completed the form on our site, all that's needed to issue your annuity is:


After picking from one of four main annuity products and completing your application, you have the flexibility to choose when your annuity takes effect. You can choose to have an immediate payout annuity if you want the plan to begin right away, or decide to have it deferred to a later date.

Most providers typically allow you to defer payouts up to twelve months. How and when you receive annuity payments depends on the product you have selected.


Typically, no medical underwriting is required for most annuity plans. Whether or not you will need to provide medical information will depend on your quality of health and the type of annuity you've selected.

In some cases, medical underwriting will be required and you will be informed as such by your professional annuity representative.

Annuities and Your RRSP

Some annuities may be purchased with Registered Funds. This means you can use the money you've collected through a pension or RRSP can be used to fund your annuity. Most RRSP and pension programs include the option to make your payments out in an annuity program.