Why Get An Annuity?

Annuities are the simple way to ensure that you have reliable income during your retirement years.

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Outliving your savings during retirement is a very real problem that many retired Canadian's face today. Annuities are the most effective way to manage your savings and have steady income throughout your retirement.

Planning for retirement doesn't have to be difficult and getting an annuity plan is the essential first step you should take. Retain your financial independence after your working years and never worry about outliving your income by getting an annuity today.

How Instant Annuity Can Help You

Instant Annuity shops the market for you without you having to leave the comfort of home. We provide advice and only recommend plans that work for you and fit into your desired budget.

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By working with a number of top Canadian providers, we have access to the best annuity retirement plans that can maximize your retirement income. Our advisors will ensure that your vision for retirement is fulfilled by recommending an income plan tailored to your needs.

Instant Annuity gives you the freedom to choose and customize the plan you are looking for. Whether it be life, term certain, joint, prescribed, or non-prescribed annuities, we will help you find the flexible and affordable plan that will build your wealth into and after retirement.

Who We Are

Annuity advisers that strive to help Canadians attain their dream retirement through affordable and comprehensive annuity plans.

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Our brokerage operates under three core strengths:

  • The ability to work nationwide with a variety of licensed brokers around the country.
  • That fact that we work with the most reputable Canadian Insurers and have access to industry leading financial products.
  • We combine leading-edge technology with the traditional face-to-face customer service. This is to allow us to work closely with you and find the product that best suits you.

Our Products

Typically, no medical underwriting is required for most annuity plans. Whether or not you will need to provide medical information will depend on your quality of health and the type of annuity you’ve selected.